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In Search of Plants

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh grows, in its four gardens, thousands of species of plants, making it one of the largest collections of plant species in the world. In order to manage this enormous Living Collection, RBGE maintains a database of the species it holds, and where they are growing. A hard-copy, the Catalogue of Plants, is published periodically.

Requests for samples from the collections

With its rich collection of living plants and an important herbarium RBGE receives many requests from scientists and horticulturalists from around the world for samples for research - usually for DNA sequencing, or as seed. We will approve and meet these requests where they are clearly for pure research purposes, where the researcher concerned is actively collaborating with a staff member at RBGE, where the research will lead to joint publication and where we have no restrictions on the material supplied to third parties. Meticulous records are kept of all the material sent out and, at the same time, we always make a voucher specimen of any material requested from the living collections, to ensure that there is a permanent record if the plant were lost.

Nagoya Protocol Compliance

Please note that from 12th October 2015 plant material requested from RBGE may be subject to Prior Informed Consent from the country of origin. Any permissions and conditions of use will be advised before release and if there are any restrictions it will not be made available.

Conditions of use of plant material

Conditions of use of material, derived from the Living Collections of RBGE (CBD form) can be downloaded as a PDF