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Family: Ericaceae
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Rhododendron boothii Nutt.
Collector/Expedition: Kingdon-Ward Frank
Collection number: 8046
Collection date: 11 April 1928
Filing region: India, Bangladesh & Pakistan
Country of origin: India
holotype of Rhododendron mishmiense Hutch. & Kingdon-Ward
Barcode: E00314460
Label data completely captured
r ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN EDINBURGH E00314460 R. boothii TTutt. Det, J. Cullen, 1975. i ?" r.4 'jP: r- . Type Specimen r i 4, ^ EX HERB. HORT. BOT, REG. KEW PAo?<> l^tX^CCsK/^aud, /f^. 2o^. R- VVui"cU.. >=^ " Chibaon, Dele i Valley. 28 10 N. 96 30 E. Alt. 7-8000 ft. Flowers bright lemon yellow, the upper lobe only heavily spotted with reddish brown. Anthers yellowish brown or reddish brown. Calyx fringed with hairs, which are long and wavy, golden yellow or silver white, like the hairs on the pedicels. Corolla lepidote on reverse. Scales small, scattered. Lea.ves lepidote below, the margin fringed with long hairs. Young leaves are woolly on the upper surface but the mature leaf retains the ha,irs on the midrib only. Petiole densely woolly, year old and two i year old shoot likewise. In scrub growth al?ng the exposed ridge. S-e. No. 8113. il/4/26. Ward 6046". E00314460
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