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Family: Aristolochiaceae
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Aristolochia clusii Lojacono
Collector/Expedition: Davis, D. & Sutton, S.
Collection number: 63471
Collection date: 20 May 1979
Filing region: Europe excl. Britain and Ireland
Country of origin: Italy
Barcode: E00235316
Label data completely captured
HERB. HORT. EDINB. Stefan Wanke 20.02.2007 Aristolochia clusii LOJACONO Fl. Sic. 2(2): 314 (1907) A sample has been removed for DNA extraction for: "SWyO-v-v VOG.wO?e Sent to: Date: Ref. No: 1 ~ lO-Hr-Kr Z3 ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN EDINBURGH E00235316 ,erbarium Masei Britannici SICILY: Agrigento: c. 50 km N of Agrigento. Above San Giovanni Gemini, Monte Cammarata c. 1200 m 20.5.1979 Pinus halepensis woodland on limestone Perennial, rootstock woody cylindrical tube dull greenish, hood brown-veined, coalescing in upper portion. Davis, D & S Sutton No. 63^71 I E00235316 * f >
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