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Det: Wellsow, J; Harris, DJ 2 August 2018 South West: Korup National Park. 35 km West of Nguti, WCI Research Study Area. 5?16' N, 9?08'E Alt: 250m Tree with fork at height of 1.5 m. Fallen fruit yellowish and slightly grooved. The largest fallen one was 14 cm long x 10 x 8.5 cm but there were smaller ones, also yellow at approximately half the size. Collector: Harris, D.J. 2538 21 September 1990 Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (E) HERB. HORT. EDINB. Malvaceae Desplatsia dewevrei (De Wild. & T.Durand) Burret Desplatsia dewevrei (De Wild. & T.Durand) Burret Det. J. Wellsow & D.J. Harris, (E) Sep 2018 Flora of Cameroon E00930963 ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN EDINBURGH E00930963
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