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HERB. HORT. EDINB. A sample has been removed for DNA extraction for: Julia Wellsow Sent to: E Date: 8.6- ZOX8 Ref. No: 2079 * A CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC TILIACEAE Desplatsia subericarpa Bocq. ? Sep 2018 SANGHA ECONOMIQUE 45 km South of Lidjombo/ NDAKAN gorilla study area. Lowland forest with Entandrophragma spp./ Terminalia superba and Megaphrynium macrostachyum. Precp. 1400 mm. 02? 22'N 16?10'E 350 m Shrubr regrowth from cut stump/ diam 2 cmr shoot 1 m high. Calyx pink - very pale pink in flower / filaments greenish yellow/ anthers yellow/ petals whitish/ pedicel pinkish/ flowering bracts green. 4 March 1989 David J. Harris/ & J. Michael Fay 1976 MISSOURI BOTANICAL GARDEN HERBARIUM (MO) Desplatsia subericarpa Bocq. Det. J. Wellsow & D.J. Harris, (E) ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN FHIMRI ior:u EOfmnQ.e;? E00930952
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