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ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN EDINBURGH HERB. HORT. EDINB. E00930950 A sample has been removed for DNA extraction for: Julia Wellsow Sent to: E Date: Ref. No: 2079 *4T Specimen used for illustration by Rosemary Wise in Harris & Wortley (2008). Sangha Trees. CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC TILIACEAE Pesolatsia Sangha Economique Kongana research camp, E5 km SE of Bayanga. On road to Bayanga 0-3 km west of bridge, over kongana stream, OH0V7'N 16?16'E Note hairs on upper surface and stipules divided all the way to the base. Sapling found beneath Harris #4005. 01 February 199** David J. Harris 4397 MISSOURI BOTANICAL GARDEN HERBARIUM CMO) Desplatsia mildbraedii Burret Det. J. Wellsow & D.J. Harris, (E) Sep 2018 E00930950
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