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T ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN EDINBURGH E008872 Det. jfvjkk Ex Herbario Musei Britannici Shododendron suprandbitsa Hutch. (det. H.H.Davidian 1959) NORTH BURMA : 4*000-6,00 ft. North Triangle9(Tama Bum), Kachin State. 22.10.1953. ad epiphytic shrub. Flowers white with a yellow flash on the posterior lobe, a few scattered scales on the reverse, and slight pubescence at the extreme base, style giabrou^ except a few scales at the carrying on the closely leoidots ovary. stamens with cottony hairs for three quartet oi l filaments. Leaves laxly lepidote, the scales Z> tf** diameters apart. Epiphyte, sometimes 80-l00ft. up. I n a o o I u II F. Kingdon-Ward. No. 21512. E00887215 11