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y-C AtoajoL 13(J-(* ( mm Si llll tit Ml t%M wmrnmm ,/ ' r&Jxx^Wd* mm jr .. ? / ?.v.- ? :?.?: 2.. hkdL, ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN EDINBURGH E008872 Ex Herbario Musei Britannici FLORA OF UPPER BURMA 1937-39 Rhododendron taronense Hutch, det.J. Hutchinson Loc? Ikm mrnai Valley 27 45?N. 97 45fE* 6,000ft* 16.11.1937 Kotes. A rather large leggy epiphytic shrub, slow growing, living for 20 years or more; flowers scentless; white, In trusses of 3-5; yellow flash at the base of the corolla; bud scales lepidote, with cillate margin. Ko.C.pilose at the base, lepidote with snail scales widely scattered all over; style lepidote towards the base; leaf scales rather scattered, 3-4 diameters apart; leaves narrow, broadest above the middle. Coll. F.Kingdon -Ward Ho.13461 E00887210