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s ?*^.*i<4 A?^C ?nuas,. m gMWg H 8 CO LO ^f CO CM T- EX HEBBABIO MUSEI BBITANNICI FLORA OF BHUTAN Rhododendron agglutin?t um %lf.f.& Forrest det.J.Hutchinson & ?.Taylor 1949-50 Locality Shlngbe (Me La). Altitude 12*500ft. Date 26.5.1949 H Flowers: corolla pink, red markings in throat deepening to maroon at base; calyx small, pink; filaments vMte; anthers brown ; ovary maroon; style pink, stigna pink. Hab. rhododendron forest. F. Ludlow, G. Sherriff, & J. H. Hicks no. 20286 Det. D. G. Long ^Ur*. l1?7 Det. D. F. Chamberlain (r?*? ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN EDINBURGH E00438569 E00438569