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w n ?< 5 P?ffl?S ? TJ <D t 0) Cotype 3302 Rhododendron (Seed). Precipies of Imaw Bum. Alt. 11,000-12,000 ft. Of a type not previouslj seen anywhere. Dwarf, growing in compact masses on and amongst granite rocks, on S.-facing slopes. Very common. Thickets a foot deep. Flowers a lovely lemon yellow, v/ith red stamens. In full bloom. Calyx green, dusted with scaly meal. One of the prettiest dwarf R. met with, colouring the hare rocks. Leaves aromatic, flowers slightly fragrant. 2nd July 1919. 23rd July 1919. A good laany plants still in bloom. This, with Nos. 3301, 3365, 3610, 3290, and dwarf Salix, forms the bulk of the carpet covering the granite rocks of Imaw. 25th July 1919. Bees, visiting the flowers, though it was raining steadily. ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN EDINBURGH E00314377 E00314377