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3101 iang (Kang-f?iig route} . ______? ____________ Lat. 26O10'N. Long. 9B?Z>0^E. Alt. 9-10,000 ft. Gnarled, much-branolied tree up to 20 or 25 ft. hi^, or "bushy shru"b of 10-15 ft. at 10,000 ft. or higher. Bark red hanging in flakes. Plowers pale cream, with small purple hlotch at "base of corolla, which is almost regular. The flower is very like Ho. 3061, "but not so yellow. The leaves are quite different, "being rusty red underneath, v/ith thick tomentum. The commonest R. between 9,000 and 11,000 ft. 27th May 1919. 41^7 I I ^ I II ft? .......(Elp) L ^.Tr<S ?u<??^. Det. D. F. Chamberlain /if 7 7 Mm ??5iS2> ?Z n I- ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN EDINBURGH Paratyp>Q> E00314021 ? p. K M > Call: J:-W. A^-. '{ E00314021
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