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) ISOTYPE ?f..'. h...tA .'.?1 ... ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN EDINBURGH E00001428 i(/) mesaeum comb, no v. Rh. mesaeum Balf. f. MS. Subspecies R, sanguinei Franch, floribus atrokermesinis perulii persistentibus notata ; a subsp. didymo ovario tomentoso haud glandu-loso distinguenda. While closely adhering to the general form of the species, this plant is distinctive because of the black crimson flowers and persistent bud-scales, it may be recorded as the eglandular equivalent of subspecies didymum. From subspecies haemaleum it differs in having bud-scales which persist for several seasons. Forrest 19958 (type of Rh. mesaeum Balf. f. MS. " S.E. Tibet, Salwin-Kiu chiang divide. Lat. 28? 20' N. Long. 98? 27' E. Alt. 14,000 ft. Shrub of 2 ft. Flowers black-crimson. Rocky moist slopes in side valleys. August 1921.") Forrest. 19902, 19961, 21735=(22677), 21740=(22687), 2i9i5A= ? (22682), (22677)=21735, (22681) =2I915A, (22682)=2I9I5A, (22687) = 21740 ; Rock loioi, 10171, (10258), 21993^ 22034, 22238, (22638). Distribution : S.E. Tibet ; Salwin-Kiu chiang divide, Kenyichunpo, Salwin-Irrawaddy divide, Solo-la. E00001428
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