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ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN EDINBURGH C KoLoyyp(9 Det. D. G. Long 2 S?vv^s ^JJ l^&>^ li^cJ^O^.UaoJ^C O^Ciir^ UM>% it p. Det. D. F. Chamberlain ^97^ Ex Herbario Musei Britannici P. Ludlow & G, Sherrlff. No. 32I8. Shrub 4^6 feet. Buds bright pink. Corolla very pwly pink, lobes deeper pink. Large dark magenta basal patch and spots.- Oroty, style and filaments glabrous; ovary dark red. Calyx glabrous, very soall, lobes rosy. Leaves, upper surface dull green, glabrous; lower surface with coarse brown tonentdsi covering midrib. The highest growing rhododendron, except thd dwarfs, on open roclsy hillside. Ex Herbario Musei Britannici FLORA OP BHUTAN Rhododendron Hook f. Loc; Tang Chu. Ritang. Central Bhutan. Alt: 14,900 ft. 7.6.1937. Coll: P.Ludlow-G.Sherriff. No.3218 E00001287