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EX HERBARIO MUSEI BRITA FLORA OF SOUTH EAST Rhododendron epapi Hatte Balf, f. an V TTT^^T/MY7 n f. TJ TJ P, , Tr.T 12289 Tree 10 ft. Corolla pink srotted dee - red, a.nd ith deep red ba al rate. es. Calyx ' pinkish green. Pilainents and style white, tinged pink at lov/er ends. Anthers very dark chocolate, Sti'iria. d. rk crims n. bud scales pale grsan Leaves dark green a ova ^ ale green elow, Co.inon at edge of conifer forect. ' ^ 0 1 cm 6 7 8 9 10 copyright reserved ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN
ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN EDINBURGH f I I (D (D ?0 is riis? iff IA on PB R.fcu. C-IH/vx. CA-C-?^?^ ^ * Det. D. F. Chamberlain /97? HERBARIO MUSEI BRITANNICI 12 Tr pi da FLORA OF SOUTH EAST TfflET Faiododendron epapi Hatto Balf. f, and Cooper Poae Province Oet Cowan F. Ludlow, G. Sherriff, & H. H. Elliot Lsyotlng, Tongkyuk Chu. No. 12289 Altitude 9000ft. Date 12.3.l9it7 E00001265