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ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN EDINBURGH \ E00001111 o o 3 I I I o 0 5 ^ 5- 3 00 s 1 o I I 4X 1 t ' I 'W?^ Typ? SpGcirnon ?LC<?JlJL? A,-44^ ??^?^ X $ ^y?AA>s?L iu^ ALnt4i' , 5(c) rhodanthum subsp. nov. * ' A typo floribus roseis, a subsp. glaphyro ovario glanduloso-tomentoso di vergi t. This subspccics near Rh, glaphyrum Balf. ?. et Forrest has a glandular ovary, the flowers are pink or pale orange-red. The lack of a name for this form, no less distinct than many others, led to its confusion with Rh. tfichomiscum Balf. f. et Forrest and with Rh, citriniflorum Balf. f. et Forrest, by no means the most nearly associated in the group. Rock 10285 (type of subsp. rhodanthum. " N.W. Yunnan. Mts. of Londre, Mekong-Salwin divide, adjoining S.E. Tibet. 1923.") Rock 22235. Distribution : N.W. Yunnan and S.E. Tibet, Mekong-Salw^in divide, Mts. of Londre^ Mm ?0/NB^ Wo?^o"T"?P^ ? GouPCit^ s: /s. Cu.c?(p^(Ah\ VaV, Det. D. F. Chamberlain /<?75f _____k_______ PLANTS OF NORTHWESTERN YUNNAN. CHINA -I-, Determinavit , Mountains of Londjre, Mekong-Salw?en watershed, adjoining soutlieastern Tit)et No. 10285 J. F. ROCK, Collector E00001111