Family: Malvaceae
Desplatsia subericarpa Bocq.
Name Institution Det by and when
Desplatsia subericarpa Bocq.EdinburghJ. Wellsow & D.J. Harris September 2018
Collector/Expedition: Harris, David J.; Fay, J. Michael
Collection number: 1976
Collection date: 04 March 1989
Country of origin: Central African Republic
Collecting locality: 45 km South of Lidjombo, NDAKAN gorilla study area. Lowland forest with Entandrophragma spp., Terminalia superba and Megaphrynium macrostachyum. Precp. 1400 mm.
Latitude: 2° 22' 0'' N, Longitude: 16° 10' 0'' E
Description: Shrub, regrowth from cut stump, diam 2 cm, shoot 1 m high. Calyx pink - very pale pink in flower, filaments greenish yellow, anthers yellow, petals whitish, pedicel pinkish, flowering bracts green.
Barcode: E00930952
Herbarium region: 10 (Tropical Africa)
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