Family: Malvaceae
Desplatsia mildbraedii Burret
Collector/Expedition: Harris, David J.
Collection number: 4005
Collection date: 16 December 1993
Country of origin: Central African Republic:Sangha-Mbaere
Collecting locality: Kongana camp, 1-2 km west of camp.
Latitude: 2° 47' N, Longitude: 16° 25' E
Description: Tall tree dbh ca. 70 cm, first branch at 16 m. Fruit 5.5 cm long, 5.5 cm wide, slightly ovoid, with slight longitudinal grooves.
Miscellaneous notes: Color photo.
Kind of specimen: fruit collection/cone collection (unmounted) (carpological collection)
Barcode: E00886237
Herbarium region: 10 (Tropical Africa)