Family: Ericaceae
Rhododendron stanleyi S.James & Argent
Name Institution Det by and when
Rhododendron stanleyi S.James & ArgentEdinburghGeorge Argent 2017
isotype of Rhododendron stanleyi S.James & Argent
Collector/Expedition: James, S.A.
Collection number: SAJ1221
Collection date: 13 October 2013
Country of origin: Papua New Guinea:Central
Collecting locality: Mount Yule, W of Telikom repeater station.
Latitude: 8° 12' 31'' S, Longitude: 146° 46' 60'' E
Habitat: Subalpine forest
Description: Shrubby tree, ca. 2m tall, covered in brown stellate hairs; leaves whorled at ends of branches; flowers large, drooping, pink-red, corolla tube 6cm long, 5-merous, arising in whorl at end of short branch; fruit a dry capsule, splitting into 5 segments.
Barcode: E00836901
Herbarium region: 6E (New Guinea)