Family: Ulmaceae
Ulmus × hollandica Mill. 'Wentworthii Pendula'
Country of origin: not specified
Description: Not specifiied
Garden collector: Coleman, Max
Garden ollection date: 22 August 2016
Garden description: Sampled from the most northerly example of a pair of large ornamental elms that are clearly the same clone. Leaves large and glossy and held on shoots with a marked weeping habit. According to the Head Gardener the lowermost shoots grow down to the ground if left untrimmed. This late 19th century cultivar was sold by Späth Nursery of Berlin. The Palace trees are likely to have been supplied by RBGE as records show three trees were received by RBGE in January 1902. The Palace originally had three trees until one was lost to DED. The felled tree had a ring count consistent with the 1902 RBGE accession.
Barcode: E00706442
Number of sheets: 2
Associated material:
photograph (including photocopy)