Family: Gesneriaceae
Aeschynanthus hians C.B.Clarke
Collector/Expedition: Burtt, Brian L. & Martin, Adam. M.
Collection number: B5565
Collection date: 18 October 1967
Country of origin: Malaysia:Sarawak
Collecting locality: 5th Division, Long Ugang to Long Semadah
Description: Pink appressed calyx. Dark red flower with black lines outside of tube and 3 on inside and outside of lobes.
Garden collector: Cultivated Plant of the RBGE (CULTE)
Garden collection number: C6364
Garden collection date: 12 November 1999
Garden description: leaves green, paler below; pedicels very pale green, hairs magenta purple; calyx crimson; corolla scarlet, apical 2/3rds with a distinct black line running into each lobe, the lower 3 lobes each bounded by a shorter black line, tube constricted laterally at lower 1/3 and vertically just behind base at lower lobe.
RBGE accession number: 19672482
Material source: RBG Edinburgh
Kind of specimen: liquid-preserved (alcohol, usually ethanol)
Barcode: E00744235
Herbarium region: 6C (Malay Islands)