Family: Ericaceae
Rhododendron dilatatum Miq.
Collector/Expedition: Edinburgh Iconic Kew Japan Expedition; Katsuki, Toshio; Ibaragi, Yasushi
Collection number: 137
Collection date: 27 September 2013
Country of origin: Japan:Tokushima
Collecting locality: Tsurugi town; Tsuzutou.
Latitude: 33° 52' 55'' N, Longitude: 134° 3' 11'' E
Habitat: Steep NE facing slopes surrounding a small stream. Loose, moist, rocky soils. Cool-temperate forest with Pterostyrax corymbosa, Acer rufinerve, Carpinus japonica, Acer sp.
Description: Suckering shrub to c.2m tall.
Barcode: E00895739
Herbarium region: 4A (Japan)
Associated material:
DNA sample