Family: Ericaceae
Rhododendron excellens Hemsl. & E.H.Wilson
Collector/Expedition: Rushforth, Keith D.
Collection number: 7454
Collection date: 09 November 2001
Country of origin: Viet Nam:Lao Cai
Collecting locality: Sapa, Ban Khoang raod, on roadside bank
Description: Shrub, 9 fruits in a single truss
Garden collector: Neil Bancroft
Garden collection number: 5
Garden ollection date: 16 August 2012
Garden description: Potted shrub to 80cm. 5 equally spaced flowers in circle, opening to 20cm fused petals, white with yellow blush centre of corrolla tube, fresh apple and cucumber smell, 4 equally spaced flowers
RBGE accession number: 20020815 A
Material source: Rushforth, K.D.
Barcode: E00615593