Family: Primulaceae
Primula fea Kingdon-Ward
of Primula fea Kingdon-Ward
Collector/Expedition: Kingdon Ward, F
Collection number: 7020
Collection date: 30 June 1926
Country of origin: Myanmar
Collecting locality: Seinghku Wang
Latitude: 28° 8' N, Longitude: 97° 24' E
Habitat: Embedded in moss on lichen, in crevices of the otherwise almost bare granite cliffs facing due south. Also scattered on precipitous broken slopes of turf and rock.
Description: Flowers blue in bud, mauve when open, with crimson tube.(Almost exactly the colour of Isopyrum grandiflorum) antheres cream. Scape with one of two flowers. Leaves minute, regularly incised, sloghtly hairy above on long more or less sheathing petioles. Another transitional species (see no:6940). The cut leaves with an attempt at downiness suggest Soldanelloides, but the pedicellate flowers again lead to amethystina. Certainly this species and no.6940 are closely allied. The dark almost black purple calyx is partly powdered with very fine greenish yellow meal, well seen with a low power microscope. The stamens are inserted at the base of the tube, on very short filaments on short styled flowers, the style just exceeds the stamens in length, in long styled flowers the stigma just reaches the top of the tube. Capsule globular. Calyx teeth minutely toothed. This is only visible with a microscope. [Blue Microbe]
Barcode: E00024738
Herbarium region: 5C (Myanmar (Burma))
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