Family: Primulaceae
Primula hookeri G.Watt var. violacea (W.W.Sm.) A.J.Richards
isotype of Primula vernicosa Kingdon-Ward var. violacea W.W.Sm.
Collector/Expedition: Ludlow, F & Sherriff, G
Collection number: 1734
Collection date: 30 May 1936
Country of origin: China:Xizang (Tibet) Autonomous Region
Collecting locality: Migyitun, Tsari Chu
Habitat: On open hillside
Description: (Colour 26B) pale blue violet, eye white with a tinge of yellow. Collected near the Pang La where all these primulas are coloured & no white ones were seen.
Barcode: E00024656
Herbarium region: 3A (Outer China incl. Tibet)
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