Family: Primulaceae
Primula agleniana Balf.f.& Forrest var. thearosa Kingdon-Ward
unspecified kind of type of Primula agleniana Balf.f.& Forrest var. thearosa Kingdon-Ward
Collector/Expedition: Kingdon Ward, F
Collection number: 6820
Collection date: 02 June 1926
Country of origin: Myanmar:Upper Burma
Collecting locality: Advance Base, Seingkhu Wang
Latitude: 28° 8' N, Longitude: 97° 25' E
Habitat: On steep earth slopes or grassy slopes or on grassy ledges of cliffs on exposed faces. The soil is very stony, but full of humus and well drained Likes open situationsbut is more abundant where the sun does not strike in the middle of the day.
Description: A glabrous perennial with thick root stock covered with scale leaves forming a long neck. Flowerrs in bud deep carmine, when open bright rose pink, with the interior of the shallow cup powdered sulphur yellow. Fragrant. In heads of 1 to 6 or even 8. Upper leaf surface dark green, with the veins showing through in pale green; lower surface covered with a thick coating of greenish white meal. Root system immense, spreading. A glorious and unusual plant, very like the 'daffodil Primula' from the Doshong La KW5839, but the flowers are not oblique and are often borne in large heads. the calyx is sometimes green, when it is powdered with meal, sometimes red, when it is almost glabrous. 27/9/26 Collected seed. Capsule subglobular, scarcely longer than calyx, almost enclosed by it, crumbling at the summit. seeds mahogany, tuberculate.
Barcode: E00024609
Herbarium region: 5C (Myanmar (Burma))
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