Family: Primulaceae
Primula stirtoniana Watt
Name Institution Det by and when
Primula stirtoniana WattCalcuttaS.K.Basak 10 January 2000
isotype of Primula stirtoniana Watt
Collector/Expedition: Watt, George
Collection number: 5419
Collection date: 29 May 1881
Country of origin: India:Sikkim
Collecting locality: Surkia La
Habitat: Found on crevices of rocks.
Description: Leaves forming a rosette, ovate, spathulate, serrate on apex. Fl. solitary, very large, purple. Calyx wide, teeth not half the length of corolla. Corolla not dilated, limb spreading, lobes free, deeply bifid, throat white, not constricted, no annulus.
Barcode: E00024518
Herbarium region: 5D (Bhutan, Sikkim & Darjeeling)
Associated material:
photograph - black and white (including b/w photocopy)
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