Family: Primulaceae
Primula assamica H.R.Fletcher
isotype of Primula assamica H.R.Fletcher
Collector/Expedition: Kingdon Ward, F
Collection number: 13715
Collection date: 08 June 1938
Country of origin: Bhutan
Collecting locality: Orka La, Bhutan frontier: Assam Himalaya [ is now in Bhutan]
Habitat: On steep alpine turf slopes facing the sun, where it is dwarf and compact; and in damper shadier positions on the cliffs, under rocks, where it grows much more lush, usually with darker flowers.
Description: Flowers mauve with large white eye. Inflorescence and foliage mealy, under-surface of leaves snowy white with meal.
Miscellaneous notes: Common at 13000ft, alpine region
Barcode: E00024447
Herbarium region: 5D (Bhutan, Sikkim & Darjeeling)
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