Family: Primulaceae
Primula polonensis Kingdon Ward
isotype of Primula polonensis Kingdon Ward
Collector/Expedition: Kingdon Ward, F.
Collection number: 8388
Collection date: 29 June 1928
Country of origin: India:Arunachal Pradesh
Collecting locality: Delei valley
Latitude: 28° 21' N, Longitude: 96° 37' E
Habitat: In a wide rock gulley facing west in Tsuga forest. The gulley is open, there is little water in it and the Primulas grow scattered on the rocky flanks where little else grows.
Description: Primula sp § Sikkimensis. Flowers bright yellow in drooping heads. No meal, not scented.
Miscellaneous notes: The geranioides (no. ) is also found here in heavy shade, but the 'sikkimensis' begins roughly where the other ceases, i.e. at its lower limit.
Barcode: E00024403
Herbarium region: 5A (India, Bangladesh & Pakistan)
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