Family: Primulaceae
Primula ambita Balf.f.
Name Institution Det by and when
Primula ambita Balf.f.1946
unspecified kind of type of Primula flavicans Hand.-Mazz.
Collector/Expedition: Handel-Mazzetti, H.
Collection number: 6241
Collection date: 10 May 1915
Country of origin: China:Yunnan
Collecting locality: In montis Taohwa-schan prope oppidum Beyendjing medium inter Tschuhsiung ("Tsuyung") et Yungbei regione calide temprata in [fodinis] supra vic. Tschischingai.
Description: Fl. pallidissime flavi
Kind of specimen: photograph - black and white (including b/w photocopy)
Barcode: E00024266
Herbarium region: 4 (Inner China, Korea and Taiwan)
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