Family: Primulaceae
Primula violacea W.W.Sm. & Kingdon-Ward
holotype of Primula violacea W.W.Sm. & Kingdon-Ward
Collector/Expedition: Kingdon-Ward Frank
Collection number: 4386
Collection date: 06 July 1921
Country of origin: China:Yunnan
Collecting locality: Litang-Yalung divide. On the Yalung side of the divide, facing N.W.
Habitat: on steep shaded slopes under Rhododendron, also amongst boulders and scrub, sheltered not shaded.
Description: Flowers deep violet, powdered inside with white meal which is much more abundant than in the other M. Primulas met with; so that the inside of the corolla is quite white. Bracts and upper calyx lobes light chocolate.
Miscellaneous notes: Seen nowhere else but in this one spot, some 50 plants being discovered.
Barcode: E00024208
Herbarium region: 4 (Inner China, Korea and Taiwan)
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