Family: Orobanchaceae
Cistanche salsa (C.A.Mey.) Beck
Name Institution Det by and when
Cistanche salsa (C.A.Mey.) Beck var. longidens GilliA.Gilli 1966
Cistanche salsa (C.A.Mey.) BeckHerbariumNajibeh Ataei May 2014
paratype of Cistanche salsa (C.A.Mey.) Beck var. longidens Gilli
Collector/Expedition: Davis, P.H.; Dodds; Çetik
Collection number: 18719
Collection date: 08 June 1952
Country of origin: Turkey:Konya
Collecting locality: Yavsan Memlehasi hr. Tuz Golu.
Description: Parasitic on Kochia 18700.
Barcode: E00028881
Herbarium region: 2A (West Asia and Egypt)
Associated material:
DNA sample
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