Family: Orobanchaceae
Cistanche tubulosa (Schrenk) R.Wight
Name Institution Det by and when
Cistanche violaceae (Desf.) Hoffmanns. & LinkHerbariumNajibeh Ataei May 2014
Cistanche tubulosa (Schrenk) R.WightA. Gilli 1983
Collector/Expedition: Collenette, Iris Sheila (Mrs).
Collection number: 3469
Collection date: 24 March 1982
Country of origin: Saudi Arabia
Collecting locality: Thaniyat Camp
Latitude: 29° 46' N, Longitude: 37° 58' E
Habitat: In hard sand over limestone
Description: A root parasite either on Atriplex leucocladus or Astragalus spinosus. Spike to 22cm tall. White flowers 1.5cm wide. The corolla lobes deep purple. Sweet scent. Locally abundant . No Cistanche phelypaea
Barcode: E00029712
Herbarium region: 2A_ARABIA (Arabian Peninsula)
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