Family: Orobanchaceae
Cistanche chabaharensis Ataei sp. nov.
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Cistanche chabaharensis Ataei sp. nov.HerbariumNajibeh Ataei May 2014
Collector/Expedition: Brown, J.N.B.
Collection number: 885
Collection date: 28 February 1986
Country of origin: United Arab Emirates:Abu Dhabi
Collecting locality: Abu Dhabi town, old sewage farm.
Habitat: Heavily saline, occassionally flooded swamp-land, hosting on _Arthrocnemum macrostachyum_ only.
Description: Annual to 40 cm, but here rarely above 25 cm. Bright yellow petals, no tint of purple.
Miscellaneous notes: No known use in A/D town. Disregarded by local people.E00029687
Barcode: E00029700
Herbarium region: 2A_ARABIA (Arabian Peninsula)
Associated material:
DNA sample
DNA sample
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