Family: Ericaceae
Rhododendron arizelum Balf.f. & Forrest
Name Institution Det by and when
Rhododendron rex H.Lév. ssp. arizelum (Balf.f. & Forrest) D.F.Chamb.EdinburghChamberlain, David F. 1979
syntype of Rhododendron arizelum Balf.f. & Forrest
Collector/Expedition: Kingdon-Ward Frank
Collection number: 3101
Collection date: 27 May 1919
Country of origin: China:Upper Burma
Collecting locality: ridge along Laktang (Kangfang) route
Latitude: 26° 10' N, Longitude: 98° 30' E
Description: Gnarled much branched tree up to 20 or 25 ft; bark red hanging in flakes; flowers pale cream with small purple blotch at base of corolla which is almost regular. The flower is very like 3061, but not so yellow. The leaves are quite different, being rusty red underneath, wth thick tomentum.
Miscellaneous notes: The commonst R. between 9,000-11,000ft
Barcode: E00314022
Herbarium region: 4 (Inner China, Korea and Taiwan)
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