Family: Primulaceae
Primula davisii W.W.Sm.
holotype of Primula davisii W.W.Sm.
Collector/Expedition: Davis, Peter Hadland & Polunin, Oleg Vladimir
Collection number: 23879
Collection date: 06 August 1954
Country of origin: Turkey:Hakkari
Collecting locality: Cilo Dag, in Diz Deresi above Dezi
Habitat: Limestone (dolomitic?) cliffs, in shady crevices of sloping and nearly vertical rock
Description: Scape always 1--3-fld. Fls (dead) apparently yellow. Seeds numerous.
Miscellaneous notes: Community: Primula 23879a; Potentilla 24183a; Campanula 23882f; Calamintha 23883f; Micromeria 23996f; Papaver curviscapum r.
Barcode: E00024010
Herbarium region: 2A (West Asia and Egypt)
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