Family: Rosaceae
Eriobotrya seguinii (H. Lév.) Cardot ex Guillaumin
Name Institution Det by and when
Symplocos seguinii H. Lév.1912
Eriobotrya seguinii (H. Lév.) Cardot ex GuillauminGuillaumin A. 21 March 1924
syntype of Symplocos seguinii H. Lév.
Collector/Expedition: Séguin, J
Collection number: 2617
Collection date: March 1899
Country of origin: China:Guizhou Province
Collecting locality: Environs de Hoang Ko Chou.
Description: Not specifiied
Miscellaneous notes: Lindera seguini Lévl.
Barcode: E00011359
Herbarium region: 4 (Inner China, Korea and Taiwan)
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