Family: Ericaceae
Rhododendron wallichii Hook.f.
Collector/Expedition: Ludlow, Frank: Sherriff, George & Taylor, George
Collection number: 6424
Collection date: 31 October 1938
Country of origin: China:Xizang (Tibet) Aut. Reg., S
Collecting locality: Trimo
Description: Not specifiied
Garden collector: Poudel, Ram C.
Garden collection number: 29
Garden collection date: 27 April 2008
Garden description: Tree of 3.5m, leaves dark green, slightly sinny upper surface, corolla whitish pink with pinkish blotch inside the tube at the base, stigma orange, nectar present.
RBGE accession number: 19734094 D
Material source: Ludlow Sherriff & Taylor
Barcode: E00294789
Herbarium region: 3A (Outer China incl. Tibet)
Associated material:
DNA sample