Family: Ericaceae
Rhododendron wallichii Hook.f.
Collector/Expedition: McBeath, R.J.D.
Collection number: 1235
Country of origin: Nepal
Collecting locality: Barun Khola, near Makalu, East Nepal
Description: Not specifiied
Garden collector: Poudel, Ram C.
Garden collection number: 18
Garden collection date: 26 April 2008
Garden description: Small tree of 2.5m, branched crowded from the base, corolla pinkish white, small dots inside the upper corolla lobes, nectar present.
Miscellaneous notes: Along with 123 a common pineer. Shrub, 6-10ft high, bark with grey scales, leaves 3-4.5ins long, underside grey-green with little flecks of indumentum, bud large with reflexed scales
RBGE accession number: 19813602 A
Material source: RBG Edinburgh
Barcode: E00294799
Herbarium region: 5 (South Asia)
Associated material:
DNA sample