Family: Ericaceae
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Rhododendron aganniphum Balf.f. & Kingdon-Ward
Name Det. qual. Type of det. Det. based on specimen Det. by and when Institution
Rhododendron aganniphum Balf.f. & Kingdon-WardDet.E00287145 19th January 2009Edinburgh,Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (E)
Collector/Expedition: Boufford, David Edward, Bartholomew, Bruce Monroe, Chen, C. Y., Donoghue, Michael John, Ree, Richard Hwayong, Sun, Hang & Wu, S. K.
Collection number: 29175
Collection date: 25th July 1998
Country/Territory: China:Yunnan
Collecting locality: China:Yunnan Province:Zhongdian Xian: Sichuan-Yunnan border area. South side of Zhongdian Daxue Shan.
Habitat: Grazed meadows, Rhododendron thickets and limestone scree slopes. Rhododendron thickets on protected side of ridge.
Description: Shrubs to ca. 2 m tall; young leaves brown on upper surfaces, all leaves white on lower surface; corolla white with pink tinge, upper lobe with pink spots.
Barcode: E00287145
Herbarium region: 4 (Inner China, Korea and Taiwan)
Number of sheets: 1