Family: Fagaceae
Fagus crenata Blume
Collector/Expedition: RBGE, Quarryhill B.G., Polly Hill B.G., & Howick Arb. - Japan (2005)
Collection number: 9
Collection date: 13 September 2005
Country of origin: Japan:Aomori
Collecting locality: In Hokkada Experimental forest at the side of path from Hokkada field station, Mt. Hokkada.
Latitude: 40° 38' 53'' N, Longitude: 140° 51' 10'' E
Habitat: Growing in mixed woodland on dry stony medium loam on moderate west facing mountainside
Description: A tree to 15m x 20m. With ovate leaves 8cm x 5cm deep-green and shiny above mid-green and shiny
Barcode: E00348955
Herbarium region: 4A (Japan)
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