Family: Ericaceae
Rhododendron falconeri Hook.f. ssp. falconeri
Name Institution Det by and when
Rhododendron falconeri Hook.f. ssp. falconeriEdinburghChamberlain, D.F. June 2004
Collector/Expedition: Cox, P.; Hutchison, P. & Maxwell-MacDonald, D.
Collection number: 3017
Collection date: September 1988
Country of origin: Bhutan:Thimphu/Punakha Dist.
Collecting locality: Dochu La
Description: Not specifiied
Garden collector: Cubey, H. Suzanne & Corrie, J.
Garden collection number: 231
Garden collection date: 28 February 2007
Garden description: Shrub 1.5 -- 2 m.BArk papery, peeling. Leaves leathery, dark green, rusty-brown indumentum.
RBGE accession number: 19882709 A
Material source: Cox, P., Glendoick
Barcode: E00247712
Herbarium region: 5 (South Asia)
Associated material:
DNA sample
DNA sample