Family: Ericaceae
Rhododendron brachycarpum D.Don ex G.Don
Collector/Expedition: Edinburgh Japan Expedition 2003
Collection number: 102
Collection date: 25 September 2003
Country of origin: Japan:Honshu:Amori Prefecture
Collecting locality: Sukayu, Towada-Hacmimantai National Park, Mt Hakkoda Field Station
Latitude: 40° 38' 50'' N, Longitude: 140° 51' 4'' E
Habitat: Mixed deciduous woodland with occasional _Abies mariesii_. SW facing.
Description: Shrub evergreen to 3m. Ripe fruit brown.
RBGE accession number: 20031096
Barcode: E00189784
Herbarium region: 4A (Japan)