Family: Griseliniaceae
Griselinia jodinifolia (Griseb.) Taub.
Collector/Expedition: Darwin Chilean Initiative (2002 - 2005)
Collection number: 569
Collection date: 07 February 2003
Country of origin: Chile:Región VIII [Biobío]:Provincia de Arauco
Collecting locality: Road from Antiguala to San Alfonso (km 18), near the Río Caramávida
Latitude: 37° 40' 45'' S, Longitude: 73° 13' 38'' W
Habitat: Primary forest on steep slopes leading down to river with a grove of enormous trees of _Gomortega keule_
Description: Shrub to 2m; leaves pale green; fruits wine coloured.
Barcode: E00158705
Herbarium region: 18 (Temperate South America)
Associated material:
herbarium specimen - fruit or cone
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