Family: Umbelliferae
Lalldhwojia staintonii Farille
Name Institution Det by and when
Lalldhwojia cooperi FarilleM.A.Farille 1984
Lalldhwojia staintonii FarilleEdinburghM.F.Watson January 1994
PeucedanumM.A.Farille 23 March 1983
holotype of Lalldhwojia cooperi Farille
Collector/Expedition: Cooper, R.E.
Collection number: 772
Collection date: 01 September 1913
Country of origin: India:Sikkim
Collecting locality: On border of Bhutan [near Pangola Reserved Forest]
Habitat: Among open forest, delicate habitat
Description: Not specifiied
Barcode: E00002757
Herbarium region: 5D (Bhutan, Sikkim & Darjeeling)
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