Family: Umbelliferae
Calyptrosciadium bungei (Boiss.) Pimenov
Name Institution Det by and when
Calyptrosciadium polycladum Rech.f. & Kuber ssp. polycladumG. Leute 1970
Calyptrosciadium bungei (Boiss.) PimenovM.G. Pimenov November 2005
isotype of Calyptrosciadium polycladum Rech.f. & Kuber ssp. polycladum
Collector/Expedition: Rechinger, Karl Heinz
Collection number: 19253
Collection date: 03 December 1962
Country of origin: Afghanistan:Herat
Collecting locality: Montes Paropamisus, Chashma Obeh (Tscheschme Obeh)
Latitude: 34° 25' N, Longitude: 63° 5' E
Description: Not specifiied
Barcode: E00000244
Herbarium region: 2A (West Asia and Egypt)
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