Family: Ericaceae
Rhododendron bhutanense D.G.Long & Bowes Lyon
Name Institution Det by and when
Rhododendron wightii Hook.f.EdinburghChamberlain, David F. 1979
Rhododendron bhutanense D.G.Long & Bowes LyonEdinburghLong, David G. June 1987
holotype of Rhododendron bhutanense D.G.Long & Bowes Lyon
Collector/Expedition: Ludlow, Francis & Sherriff, George
Collection number: 3218
Collection date: 07 June 1937
Country of origin: Bhutan:Central Bhutan
Collecting locality: Tang Chu, Ritang.
Habitat: Open rocky hillside
Description: Shrub of 4-6 feet; buds bright pink; corolla very pale pink, lobes deeper pink, large magenta basal patch and spots; ovary, style and filaments glabrous, ovary dark red; calyx glabrous, very small, lobes rosey; leaves upper surface dull green, glabrous; lower surface with course brown tomentum covering midrib.
Miscellaneous notes: The highest growing Rhododendron
Barcode: E00001287
Herbarium region: 5 (South Asia)