Family: Phytolaccaceae
Ercilla volubilis A.Juss.
Collector/Expedition: Instituto de Investigaciónes Ecológicas Chiloé (IIECH) and Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh; Hernández, C.
Collection number: 55
Collection date: 02 February 1996
Country of origin: Chile:Región VIII [Biobío]:Prov. de Arauco
Collecting locality: Río Laraquate
Latitude: 37° 10' 19'' S, Longitude: 73° 10' 51'' W
Habitat: Remnant old growth trees, 1 km inland forming original coastal forest margin.
Description: Climber to 3 m with clusters of fleshy orange-red fruits.
Garden collector: Cultivated Plant of the RBGE (CULTE)
Garden collection date: 20 August 1996
Garden description: Seedlings 6 weeks old
RBGE accession number: 19961035
Material source: ICE
Barcode: E00089873
Herbarium region: 18 (Temperate South America)