Family: Ericaceae
Rhododendron hylaeum Balf.f. & Farrer
holotype of Rhododendron hylaeum Balf.f. & Farrer
Collector/Expedition: Farrer, Reginald John
Collection number: 1551
Collection date: 15 May 1920
Country of origin: Myanmar:Kachin State
Collecting locality: Chawchi Pass [on the Turon/Dulong river. potentially in China]
Description: A tidy round headed tree of 20-40 feet with trunk remarkably smooth and bare and bald (see branchlets). Flowers so far gone by May 15 (though snow was all about) that only after long search were specimens obtained. They are scentless, pink and handsome,spotted rather carelessly on all the lobes. This develops the bole of a forest tree, twisting and sprawling like limbs of an elephant
Miscellaneous notes: Irroratum Series?
Barcode: E00001264
Herbarium region: 5C (Myanmar (Burma))
Thumbnail image of a herbarium sheet
Thumbnail image of a herbarium sheet