Family: Ericaceae
Rhododendron sanguineum Franch. ssp. didymum (Balf.f. & Forrest) Cowan
holotype of Rhododendron didymum Balf.f. & Forrest
Collector/Expedition: Forrest, George
Collection number: 20220
Collection date: September 1921
Country of origin: China:Xizang (Tibet) Autonomous Region
Collecting locality: Salween/Kiu-chiang divide.
Latitude: 28° 24' N, Longitude: 98° 24' E
Habitat: On moist stony alpine meadows and slopes.
Description: Shrub of 12-18 inches; flowers black crimson.
Barcode: E00001106
Herbarium region: 3A (Outer China incl. Tibet)
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