Family: Ericaceae
Rhododendron augustinii Hemsl. ssp. rubrum (Davidian) Cullen
Name Institution Det by and when
Rhododendron augustinii Hemsl. ssp. rubrum (Davidian) CullenJ. Cullen 1976
holotype of Rhododendron augustinii Hemsl. var. rubrum Davidian
holotype of Rhododendron bergii Davidian
Collector/Expedition: Forrest, George
Collection number: 25914
Collection date: October 1924
Country of origin: China:Yunnan Province
Collecting locality: Shiu-lu Shan, west of Wei-Hsi
Latitude: 27° 12' N, Longitude: 99° 12' E
Habitat: In thickets and amongst scrub in side valleys on rocky slopes
Description: Shrub of 5-6 ft.
Barcode: E00010018
Herbarium region: 4 (Inner China, Korea and Taiwan)
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